‘I 1000% Support my Husband’: Bouachrine’s Wife
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Rabat- Taoufik Bouachrine’s wife, Asmae Bouachrine, has broken her silence to speak about the alleged sexual crimes directed against her husband in an interview given to Moroccan news outlet Goud.ma. “Of course, I will remain in solidarity with my husband, 1000 percent,” said Asmae, adding that she demands a thorough investigation, which will be both beneficial for her husband and the victims. Bouachrine’s wife also denied allegations that she asked for a divorce. Bouachrine, who was arrested on February 28, is facing charges of sexual harassment, sexual violence, and rape. The police claim to be in possession of 50 videos backing the charges facing the prominent journalist, suggestinghinted that the videos were recorded by Bouachrine himself.

La Une du Maroc | Contact : Khalil EL Kouhen